Generating Set Application

Mining Industry

Following a personalized project, it is possible to realize tailored generators basing on each single use necessity. HENCHA operates in the generating sets’ production from the design to the realization of every piece, to the assembly and to the final test of the equipment. The generating sets intended to supply electric energy to factories and industries in case of need are characterized by robust components and high power outputs. They are compatible for whatever destination and they can have specific adjustments basing on the necessities. Discover the Industrial range by Hencha.


The promptness of the electric energy supply for generating sets for hospitals is of vital importance. For this cause, it’s necessary to install generating sets of high quality able to support the needs of the hospital departments.

Home, Stores & Business

Choosing the right generating set for the house or for the business activity is an important operation for the safety of the family and of the electronic devices in the house or at work. Stores and large distributions, some more than others, cannot afford to find themselves without electricity due to a blackout. For this reason there are generating sets (Portable Range and Industrial Range) suitable to be positioned near houses and business activities.


The range of current generating sets specifically created for rental market has got characteristics and arrangements fitting to be located in factories, construction sites but also during fairs and great events. They are current generators with specific characteristics that allow an easy transport and small dimensions and that ensures a distribution of constant energy.

Telecommunications and Various Supplies

Electricity supply must be constant for mobile phone installations. The use of phone and wireless devices requires a low power that must be continuous: for this reason the use of Telecommunications’ generating sets or for whatever kind of supply must be guaranteed by high quality generators that are suitable for the application

Sport Stadiums, Fairs & Events

The choice of generating sets intended to support great and small events must be adequate to hold up the electric charge needed for the kind of event. The generators intended for concerts, fairs, sport and great events are soundproofed generating sets that will . guarantee the success of the event.! Hotels, B&B or other realities that operate in tourism sector must compensate each energetic necessity in order to give their customers the best services. It exists generating sets more indicated than others to fulfill this need.

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